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Chef Talita Pinto

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.
I learned to cook on my own… I absolutely love food and experimenting in the kitchen.
I had a wonderful childhood growing up around my grandmother and great grandmother. Back then, food was a huge part of the day, especially cleaning the dishes. There were countless pots and pans to hand wash (if I wanted to stay, I had to help), but the kitchen was still my favorite place to be.
They taught me the fundamentals of cooking and the importance of cooking with love. 

Ever since then, I’ve been cooking! My culinary style consists of delicious homemade cuisine shared with the ones you love.
I’m a hard worker and a trustworthy person. Developing a relationship with our clients is an important element of the services I provide. Every time we prepare food for a family, their personalities, preferences, and dietary restrictions are top priority. Understanding how people differ from one another and how food is special is essential to my success in delivering the delicious homemade meals to you and your family.
Chef prepares pork chop steak with barbecue sauce in the kitchen
Concept of cooking, female chef cooked dish with artichoke
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