Define Organics Homemade organic family meals


High-End, Innovative Personal Chef Services

We offer a wide range of services, from in-home or weekly meal delivery to dinner parties.


Meal plans that are as unique as you are

We understand that food preferences are unique to each person and that everyone is different. That’s why every time we cook, we have your lifestyle, likes and dislikes in mind. 

100% Organic

No chemicals, no hormones, no factory farmed meats. Locally farmed vegetables.


Personalized meal plans that suit your family’s lifestyle and preferences.


Diet Health Services

Meal plans that suit any set of dietary requirements. We can help you lose weight, gain weight or manage restrictive diets.

Our Special DIsh

Fastest Way To Lose Weight In Natural Way

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Fried Egg Prosciutto

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Fresh Ketogenic

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Plans Start From $75,00

Healthy Vegetable Salad

Personal Chef Service

How it works

Register on our website

Our specialists will contact you and ask a few questions to get to know you and your preferences better.

We'll help you decide which services is best for your needs; in-home or meal delivery services.

We'll create a wide-eclectic menu that you will have full access to once you sign up for our weekly meal program.

Personal Chef Service Plans

Mid Week Assistance

Starting at $250 /Week

Recommend Meals


Week Complete

Starting at‎ ‎$325 /Week

You save $50 a week

Recommend Meals


Super Week Plan

Starting at‎ $450 /Week

You save $100 a week

Recommend Meals


Price is for service only. Cost for additional ingredients will be billed separately.
If you don’t see a plan that fits your family lifestyle, please contact us. 

Need a more flexible plan? Check out our Flex Plan


Our Clients Say About Us

    Lisa Charles

    Delicious food, excellent service, top quality ingredients always guaranteed AND all meals are delivered right to your front door! They will shop, cook and deliver to you foe a great price!

      Dalen Pinsky

      Talita is the best! I would be lost without her and her amazing food. She puts such love into everything she makes. She will cook anything you can dream of. Not only does she deliver weekly meals to my family but she will do dinner parties as well that will impress!!


        Define Organic has provided amazing and delicious food to my family for almost a year. Great menu with super healthy choices delivered to your door. We couldn’t be happier.

          Sandra Lipp

          We love Talita! The entire team has been cooking for my family for years. Always the freshest ingredients and delicious food. Menus are tailored to our taste and diets. Talita always says “yes” and accommodates me. So lucky to have found her!

            Gina Sinberg

            Tali and her crew made us an unbelievably plated dinner for a few friends we had over. The service was first class and the food was delicious. We can’t wait to plan our next dinner party!

              J. Julien

              I have used Talita services for around five years. She has provided weekly meal service for my family and catered small events as well as large events. Her work is incredible and creative. She can do anything. Her food is beautiful, consistent, and personalized. With Talita, the answer is always “yes, no problem”. She will adjust menus according to diet and taste. Her food comes so fresh with hand-selected ingredients. The service is a lifesaver for busy families who want to eat healthy homemade meals. I would highly recommend it with absolutely no reservations.

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