Week Complete Plan

$325 for 1-2 ppl$405 for 3-4 ppl$465 for 5-6 ppl

To join our exclusive group of members, there is a registration fee of $50.00, along with an additional one-time deposit of $450.00 to cover grocery costs.

*Deposits are fully refundable with 2 weeks’ notice before your last service date.

Once you become a member, and are ready to secure your spot with one of our amazing chefs, you will enroll in autopay and automatically be charged $325 for your weekly service in reference to the Week Complete Meal Plan. The credit card on file will be charged every Sunday.

When you select the Week Complete Service Plan, you are able to choose a total of 9 dishes consisting of 3 Breakfast or Lunches3 Entrees, and 3 Side Dishes.

*Price will increase $80 for 3-4 people or $140 for 5-6 people.

*Prices may vary depending on the portion size and recipe type selected.

We are here to serve you. If you decide you need an extra dish, we will gladly accommodate your request. Simply add it to your cart, and it will be updated and you will be charged accordingly.

When you are ready to place your order, the remaining balance for your weekly Service meal plan will be charged to the credit card on file.

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How do we organize the payment and the delivery?

All groceries will be billed separately on your service day after we shop. A copy of your Whole Foods receipt will be placed inside your bag, or handed to you once we finish cleaning up and organizing your food.

You can pay your groceries receipt with check, cash, Venmo (please choose: transaction among friends or an additional 1.5% will be billed to you next time) or Zelle.

If you prefer to have us charge your credit card on file, an additional 3% merchant service charge will be added to your payment.